Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dropping like flies

DLSE staff are either leaving or retiring. Word on the street is that supervisors King Cheung and Robert Sweet are leaving. There's a Hearing Officer in Van Nuys who will be retiring soon, and Wage Claim Deputies in Los Angeles & Santa Ana will be leaving state service. Also rumored to be leaving the DLSE is Maria de la Rocha, who will (hopefully very soon) be at the federal Dept. of Labor. Good riddance.

The Van Nuys Hearing officer that's considering retirement is a great person and is a valuable asset to serving the People of California, and so is the person that's the Sanata Ana office. Rumor has it that the BoFE vacancy in Los Angeles (created by King Cheung's departure) might have Diana Chen leaving Santa Ana and being transferred to Los Angeles. This works out best for the People of California, as less taxes are being wasted for her commute time (it's a shorter commute to/from Los Angeles than her office in Santa Ana). Funny how taxes are being squandered for a supervisor to travel from home to work and vice versa. The last time I checked, probationary supervisors should be on their best behavior so they pass their probation; that means 8 hours work for 8 hours pay. Since she's become the Number One COMPLAINER in the Santa Ana office, many of those in Santa Ana are accutely aware of when she arrives and when she leaves. No one will come forward and complain (because her boss Susan Nakagama won't do anything), but conversely, no one will lie under oath if subpoenaed and asked if they've ever observed her habitually coming in late and leaving early.

The beauty of this blog is that DLSE management reads it and has knowledge of its existence. So if they ever bothered to take the time to ascertain the truth, they could (very easily) pull their heads out of the sand, open their eyes, and start to figure it out. It's too bad that truth has little meaning to some of them, as they are often quick to state, "I don't know, I can't recall, or I don't remember."


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