Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DPA Atty. Crystal L. Mitchell: how does she makes things better for California?

Within the many, many desks of state government there is a larger cubicle called the Department of Personnel Administration: DPA for short. Sitting at one of their smaller cubicles is an attorney named Crystal Mitchell. Her official title is Labor Relations Counsel. One would presume to think that she ensures even flow, or efficient labor relations. If there's a beef between two squabbling sides, it's either her job to get them to settle their differences or to cover her department's backside in the event things go south. In any event, she should at least have the appearance of remaining impartial since she's a representative of the DPA. If all the DPA does is shuffle paper and shirk responsibility, then the Governator should seriously consider re-writing the California Constitution and rid itself of such an expensive & unproductive agency. The taxpayers and the state employees could use a more efficient way of mediating disputes.
Now I don't know how smart she is, but a smart attorney knows how to ask the right questions. A really smart attorney knows the answer to the really smart question they're about to ask. These are some questions that she might consider asking Anthony Mischel, the Department of Industrial Relations' Employee Disposal Manager, but his official title is Office of the Director-Legal Unit.
1. Why can't you handle DLSE problems internally?
2. Why must DPA come to your aid & assistance every time you're in over your head?
3. How many written settlement agreements are you going to breach this year?
4. How many union grievances and unfair labor charges against DIR must we settle in 2007?
5. Why can't you settle anything; why is everything a 15-round boxing match with your agency?
6. Are you prepared to lose: again and again and again?

I'm sure that when she has the time to reflect on her career and her accomplishments with DPA, she will pat herself on the back and say to herself, "I really made a difference, and California is better because of me."


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