Monday, March 03, 2008

WCA Regional Manager Abby Calva and BOFE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp in Santa Ana today

Abby Calva came by and went right to Jorge Gomez's office; historically, she doesn't like coming to the Santa Ana office & typically only comes to Santa Ana because of a problem. Nobody really wants her down there anyway, because she doesn't fix anything, she doesn't streamline anything, and she's one of the idiots that told Bradstreet that making phone calls to settle cases is a great idea. I'd like to see how successful she is with settling wage claims. She's a real mastermind, that Abby Calva.
Greg Rupp looks like a beaten down, too-dumb-to-retire curmudgeon. As the BOFE puppet head, he only comes down to Santa Ana to harass & retaliate against a wage claim deputy's complaint (Rosheen Shinske), retaliate against a Philipina clerk who filed a worker's comp. claim (Rowene), or make general bureaucratic indecisions. Genetically, big dumb gorillas don't have the analytical skills to make big-brain decisions. This could be one reason why it's rumored that Angela Bradstreet doesn't think too highly of Greg Rupp's mental abilities. I've also been told that LWDA clerk secretary Vick Bradshaw said that Greg Rupp is good for only opening a barn door. I don't think that's true; he might succeed at cleaning porta potties.
Greg Rupp is done. He thought that he still had the grapes to take charge and go after someone he targeted, heck, it worked for him with Miguel Algarin, Jose Hernandez, and Rowene Diaz (well, not really for Rowene). Even after Rupp dispatched Lotts from BOFE to WCA, Rupp thought he could continue to harass, discriuminate, and retaliate. Now, everyone laughs at him behind his back. If he came to Santa Ana and had some face time with Lotts, I'm pretty sure that Lotts would laugh at him. Not because Rupp's a management idiot, not because Rupp's too stupid to retire, but because Rupp cannot do what he loves to do: target, discipline, brag.
Everyone in Los Angeles knows that Rupp was too much of a coward to fix his problem with Lotts, so Rupp sends Lotts to Santa Ana. What kind of a tough guy is that? This is why people laugh at him; Rupp couldn't fix his own mess. Like the prison wife he should be, he merely took the girlie option. At the end of the day, Rupp's just a bully who failed at being a bully. A big, useless, gorilla. If Angela Bradstreet really wanted Rupp to retire, then she should (politely) ask Lotts to come back to BOFE and have Lotts work under Rupp. Lotts will give Rupp exactly what he deserves.

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