Thursday, February 08, 2007

Open letter to that wanna-be Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones

Dear Robert Jones,
I've been trained to square off on the toughest guy in the bar because that's the challenge. There's no honor in waging war against children, the elderly, women, the ignorant, or the innocent. You, on the other hand, incorrectly think that you can bully me into doing your bidding. I don't work for you; I work for the People of California. You're charged with directing the work of your subordinates. I'm not duty-bound to jump through your ego hoops, and I certainly did not sign an Official Secrets Act that requires me to keep anything confidential. If I was in charge of an inept agency that sat at their desks and did nothing for almost two years, I'd want to keep it a secret, too. I cannot wait to highlight your knee-jerk timeline: on the record, in an open forum.
A softer approach would have been a wise course of action, but then again, you don't have the wherewithal to see what's around a glass corner. "You can acquire more bees with honey than you can with p*ss and vinegar" is an adage you should consider using...I don't respond well to threats, and I'm certainly not intimidated by you. Should you take the time to review the past, then you'll come to know that every unjust action you take only strengthens my resolve. My spirit will not be broken (hint-it never has in my life), but keep trying if you think it's fulfills DLSE's Mission Statement.
I realize that you can terminate anyone once you've got them in your crosshairs; ferchrist, look at what you did to Miles Locker. It took you twenty-one pages to justify your firing of him? Why so many pages...did you use a crayon? How's that working out for you? You think you're gonna win that one? The evidence is not on your side and certainly not the IQ points. Isn't it gonna be a real kick in the sack to see Miles walking around the office again? Will that become a daily symbol of your failure in wrongfully terminating him? When he returns, won't the other laywers laugh at and mock you behind your back? Besides Anthony Mischel and a few other lackeys, do you think that they are not doing that now?
I don't consider you as one possessing a modicum of honor; I see you as just another bully, with only a law degree and your title of Labor Commissioner as your weapons of intimidation. If you're gonna throw a punch, then stop wasting time and throw it. You may knock me down with your legal maneuverings, but eventually I'll stand up; I'm a quick study. I was hired to serve the People of California, and I will continue to do so - be it battered and bruised.


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