Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is this Jones' message to subordinate Almaraz: we won't settle with the Blogger, so you'll (still) be a Defendant.

What does this message say to other managers? If Jones takes this to trial and loses, then the message to other DLSE managers will be that the DLSE will sacrifice their own managers because they don't have the common sense to settle. What kind of DLSE loyalty is that? Guys like Robert Jones and Richard Munoz have experience shuffling legal papers and talking about how great (they think) they are; they're state attorneys who rarely see a real courtroom. When they actually step inside a courtroom, they rarely have the litigation experience to win. The one DLSE attorney that did have successful litigation experience...Robert Jones fired him! How's that for serving the public's best interest?! If I was Lupe Almaraz, I'd be very afraid at having Robert Jones and Richard Munoz as legal representation. Arrogance and pride can sometimes backfire; common sense usually prevails. Ask them if they have any available.
Lupe Almaraz should ask Richard Munoz two questions
(writs and motions don't count...real litigation experience):
1. Have many times have you litigated in Superior Court?
2. How many times have litigated and won in Superior Court?
To put it another way, how much has Lupe Almaraz paid for his legal representation? Exactly: Lupe Almaraz is getting what he's paying for. Does Lupe Almaraz really think that Jones and Munoz care, since their names are not on the same line as Lupe's?


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