Tuesday, January 09, 2007

That Santa Ana office email has generated the most comments in the shortest amount of time (click this link to view comments)

Click this link to be cyber-linked to the comments section of the post dated 01/05/07. This post has generated many emotions, and it seems that many have come out to support Mr. Jackson, and some have come out to identify "areas of concern" regarding Ms. Tamoush.
Here's my thing: Jorge has been a player in this game for awhile. I doubt that he would initially broadcast his investigation via email (to everyone but Jim), as that is frowned upon by the investigating community. So what is the other explanation for his email? One of the commenters hit it, and Jorge (probably) wanted to show Ms. Tamoush that he acted, but then the question remains....who made such allegations against Mr. Jackson, was there anything other than the mere accusation, and why was such action taken based only upon an accusation?
In the end, the decision must be weighed: how much time should be spent on such an issue as it relates to the proper and efficient service to the public.


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