Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dear DLSE Santa, all I want for Christmas is amnesia

2006 at the DLSE house has been great; let's re-cap some of the highlights:
1. No Senate-Confirmation-needed-Robert Jones fired Miles Locker.
2. Absolutely no follow through on uploading Overtime Exhibits (with an example) to DLSE website.
3. Absolutely no follow through on uploading Commission Exhibits (with an example) to DLSE website.
4. Absolutely no ability to scan & upload documents at busiest Wage Claim office in California.
5. No Senate-Confirmation-needed-Robert Jones issued a No-Speak memo, then took it back (that stoopid US Constitution got in his way).
6. Conducted molehunt investigation in Los Angeles office...but the DLSE called it something else.
7. Abolutely no Safety Glass/Protective Barrier at busiest Wage Claim office in California.
8. Abolutely no DLSE policy & procedure for investigation of public complaints against DLSE staff.
9. Abolutely no policy and procedure for Settlement Conferences, the process right before the formal 98a hearing.
10. DLC III essay-only exam with 4 people scoring 73 and 21 people scoring 70. I'm sure it wasn't rigged to where the outcome played to DLSE's favor...totally objective.
11. Regional Manager Susan Nakagama stripped of everything except a Nor Cal supervisor and DLC III Lauro Cons, a peace officer being paid/receiving benefits to do very little and/or no criminal work.
12. Still trying to squash this damned blog: Jones reads it more often than his Where's Waldo.
13. And who can forget...CMS! This beast generated the most comments, the most criticism, and the most waste (time, money, resources...when will it end) for DLSE in 2006!
If I missed any other highlights, then please hit the comment button below! Yeah, Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz is really making a difference.


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