Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What is it about Bruce Broadwater that stirs Assistant Chief Greg Rupp into such a lather?

Bruce Broadwater, the longest mayor (10 years) in Garden Grove's history, failed the DLC III exam. This is a guy who not only knows how to solves problems, but he has a demonstrated record of dealing with the public and public officers. Mr. Broadwater currently sits on Garden Grove's City Council, as the citizens once again voted for this guy to stay in public service. Mr. Broadwater is also a Deputy Labor Commissioner in the Santa Ana wage claim office, and he neither passsed the recent DLC III exam, nor did he pass it the last two times. The last time I checked, Garden Grove is California's 21st-largest city.
It's strange, because the DLSE passed almost everyone, and everyone who passed the DLC III exam mostly received the same crappy score, so why did they bother to flunk him? What's the reason behind the reason? Does it date back to a hard-core Republican by the name of Greg Rupp, who wanted a Democrat staunch Democrat (like Broadwater) removed years ago...once Greg discovered that a Democrat (Broadwater) snuck into a DLSE/Pete Wilson administration? At the time, Greg Rupp was going to terminate Broadwater for having lied on his state application (by not disclosing his political job as mayor), but Broadwater's lawyers said it wasn't necessary. Consequently for Rupp, he was stuck with Broadwater, but did Rupp really forgive and forget? Fast forward to 2006, and the DLSE flunked him on the DLC III exam? What's the real reason? Was it because that Abigael Calva, a close friend & confidant of Greg Rupp as well as Broadwater's Regional Manger, did not recuse herself from the DLC III examination process? Was it because that Abigael Calva knew of Greg Rupp's loss in trying to remove Broadwater during the Pete Wilson administration, or was it because that the DLSE's revenge is a dish best served cold?
How is Bruce Broadwater good enough for Garden Grove, but he's not good enough for a DLSE supervisor position? Maybe he has too much experience, maybe he flunked because he's not some pushover lackey/toadie/suck-up, or maybe he flunked because he will actually serve the people of California and not his insecure promotion selectors. The DLSE isn't saying why he flunked, so we only can only speculate. Maybe the DLSE will provide the evidence they used to justify in flunking him yet passing the others, but I really doubt it. Word on the street is that the DLSE offered Fern the DLC III promotion to Fresno, but she turned it down. If that's true, then anyone else who's offered the job is second-fiddle.


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