Friday, December 15, 2006

Unless the DLSE assigns Susan Nakagama and Lauro Cons to manage Public Information Unit/PIU (phone duty), their current assignment couldn't be worse.

In a Republican administration, The DLSE arm of Public Works becomes a ghost town; it's quite the opposite in the previous Democratic administration. Regional Manager Susan Nakagama had her political power/glory while serving Roger Miller and Art Lujan; that sun has set. Lauro Cons' Number #1 talent is obeying his boss. I'm not sure that a supervising peace officer's Number #1 skill set should mirror that of a Labrador.
Why is it that Assistant Chief Greg Rupp, the top cop in DLSE, didn't bring his supervisory peace officer under the BoFE umbrella of Regional Manager Denise Padres? Is Lauro Cons currently working on criminal-Labor Compliance cases that would explain the necessity of his presence, or are the powers-that-be just sticking him into the 2nd-darkest corner of DLSE (darkest corner of DLSE being PIU)? What an excellent use of a peace officer who's acquiring peace officer benefits. How is this serving the taxpayers of California...shouldn't he be filing criminal cases or arresting criminals? Why are the taxpayers providing such a benefit to Lauro Cons, and the DLSE is not fulfilling its duty by ensuring that Lauro Cons is carrying out such duties?
How many people are receiving bi-lingual/Spanish pay that are not using it? Everyone in the DLSE receiving bi-lingual/Spanish pay is using their Spanish. Why isn't Lauro Cons performing cop duties, but he's receving cop benefits?


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