Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rumors have Nakagama, Rupp retiring...remaining power to be stripped from Nakagama

Rumor #1: DLSE Regional Manager Susan Nakagama to retire (date unknown). Who knows why and who cares. Some say it's CMS, some say it's the SL retaliation issue, some say it's just time for her to go.
Rumor #2: DLSE Assistant Chief Greg Rupp to retire (date unknown). I'm actually surprised at this one, as I thought he was never going to retire; he was just going to continue to take up space, shuffle papers, forward emails, and occasionally send out "I'm Da Boss" memos.
Rumor #3: Julie Tarazon, Ken Madu, and Gretchen Torregano (and whatever assigned underlings) are being transferred from under the control of Susan Nakagama and placed under the leadership of Denise Padres. The beauty of this deal is that Lauro Cons stays with Susan Nakagama! Talk about the blind leading the blind; they can hold staff meetings with each other and be just as (statistically) productive as they were in November! Why was November such a special month? Because Susan slammed everyone in an email except her pal Linda...great job, Susan, on ripping your team a new one and not having the professional courtesy to do it face to face.
While I have never worked for Denise Padres, I think that these moves are a wise choice; the only "challenge" that I see for Denise is that Gretchen and Julie aren't accustomed to the normal work eithic of 8 hours' pay for 8 hours' work. Denise Padres seems bright, energetic, and capable.


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