Sunday, December 17, 2006

No Senate-Confirmation-Needed Robert Jones: how has he improved California's labor standards?

No Senate-Confirmation-needed Robert Jones, through the totality of his experience, IQ points, knowledge, skills, & abilities, and does what? He terminates Miles Locker. All that talent, all that intelligence, all that experience, and his top-act at DLSE was to remove their best-performing attorney.
Let us, for a moment, agree with Victoria Bradshaw's decision that Donna Dell didn't work out, so 2nd-string Quarterback was Robert Jones. But Vicky didn't want that Senate confirmation thing to blow up in her face again, so she circumvented the process and made him Acting Labor Commissioner; fine, let's run with it.
He's the top banana at DLSE; the buck stops with him. A reasonable person would assume that Vicky would only appoint the brightest and the smartest, so why is this guy's only top-act was to do a hit piece on Miles Locker's career? My point is this: his smarts, his IQ points, his talent, his position at DLSE, and the best that he can do for the people of California is to terminate a guy who should not be terminated? That is this guy's best effort for the People?
During his time as Acting Labor Commissioner, how has he made life better for the working people of California? What the heck is listed on his resume highlights, other than giving Miles Locker the boot? All that (supposed) talent, expertise, and intelligence: how has he specifically helped the working Californian? What legacy is he leaving, other than CMS was implemented during his watch?


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