Monday, July 17, 2006

Was that Anthony Mischel whispering in Richard Muñoz's ear on July 11th?

A caucasion male, mid-50s, corpulent, balding, and sporting a barber-shop mustache was observed whispering into DLSE attorney Richard Muñoz's ear in a Santa Ana courtroom. Why all the cloak-n-dagger? I thought Richard could be trusted to represent the DLSE on his own? What's with the hand-holding?
Why is the DLSE using two full-time Office of the Director attorneys to justify their demand to see private and personal diaries of a DLSE employee? Is that an efficient use of taxpayer-paid state time, resources, and equipment?
It seems to be such a waste of time for such novice hand-holding. If it was Anthony Mischel, then he should have just left Richard Muñoz in Los Angeles and not wasted his day by driving to Santa Ana (unless he needed him for the carpool lane).
It's not surprising to hear that Anthony Mischel was present. After all, as the DLSE's informal employee disposal manager, it's important for him to know which tack to take. I'm surprised he's not spending every single, waking minute preparing for his upcoming legal beat-down in Sacramento on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th. He's going to need all those minutes, and even that may not help.


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