Saturday, June 24, 2006

BAD Boss stories from Working America

Click on the link above, and you can read some horror stories from those who are in the trenches, or you can click here:

I saw this picture and the logic scribbled on it and thought how appropriately similar it is for this agency.

After discovering the Public Works debarment issue (1 since August/2004), I also found out that coincidentally, that Public Works cases fall off a cliff when there is a Republican administration in Sacramento. Now who said that politics plays no part in DLSE's day-to-day operations? What a bunch of horse puckeys!

I've also been told that both Democrat and Republican Administrations can f*ck with the garment industry, because politically they are unorganized, but Public Works is a whole different ball game. There are four key playas to Public Works, PECC: Plumbing, Electricity, Carpentry, and Concrete.

I'd have a whole lot more respect for Vicky Bradshaw if she had the stones to tell the People of California more truth than not, which is something like, "Don't expect this agency to really enforce Public Works laws, but while I have your attention, please watch this illegal Labor Workforce Development Agency propaganda video that Jose Millan (my pick for Deputy Director) made on behalf of my boss, the Governor. I will not take questions at this time."


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