Sunday, March 25, 2007

The difference between a BLOG and a WEBSITE

In computerland, there's a big difference between a blog and a website. Websites can upload pictures, text, graphics, movies, misc. files (spreadsheets, word processing, powerpoint, etc.) and all sorts of other goodies. Both blogs and websites are accesible via the internet (www address), and that's probably why DLSE command has confusion with this. With a blog, I'm limited to text and pictures. If the DLSE command staff had a better grasp of these concepts, then less time would be wasted trying to explain it. But then again, these same DLSE command types find it difficult to process an Entertainment Work Permit (DLSE Form 275).
I'm known as a Blogger, not as a Webmaster.
What I do is called Blogging, not Webcasting.


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