Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why No-Senate-Confirmation-Needed "Acting" Labor Commissioner Robert Jones is officially a joke and a tool.

As advised by one who was advised by a state Department of Justice attorney [Deputy Attorney General], all DLSE employees should spend the majority of their time fulfilling the mission of the DLSE. Here's the mission of the DLSE:
"The mission of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) is to vigorously enforce minimum labor standards in order to ensure employees are not required or permitted to work under substandard unlawful conditions, and to protect employers who comply with the law from those who attempt to gain competitive advantage at the expense of their workers by failing to comply with minimum labor standards."
Squandering state time, resources, and money on a blogger comes nowhere near the DLSE's mission, so why is Jones not doing the job he's paid to do? Now, if Robert Jones is not spending the majority of his day fulfilling this mission, then that makes him a tool and a joke. When he spends his time as well as directs his minions like DIR attorney Richard Munoz and DLSE Deputy Chief [Defendant] Lupe Almaraz to spend their day in trying to terminate a blogger who blogs in the off hours...well, that makes
Robert Jones unfit for duty,
whether he's DLSE Chief Counsel or the coward that will not go before the senate and be confirmed as the official Labor Commissioner. When he spends so much money, when he ties up so many lawyers (Holton, Mc Ginty, Mischel, Munoz, himself), when he spends time with the blogger and not fulfilling DLSE's mission, then that makes him inefficient. Unfortunately for Jones, his inexcusable neglect of duty will find him. His actions are a burden to the taxpayers, his lack of devotion to the DLSE mission is a burden to the working Californian.


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