Saturday, February 03, 2007

"No-Senate-Confirmation-Needed" Robert Jones takes a dump on a state employee's rights; blogger remains employed despite Jones' threat to terminate...

The blogger didn't want to hire an attorney and fight the issue of Free Speech; the blogger is only reacting to the Gestapo & Stormtrooper tactics of an Acting Labor Commissioner who has no consideration for the US Constitution.
In the beginning, the blogger first told Jones the endgame: how this would play out should Jones continue to use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper. What did Jones do? He continued to abuse his authority, so the Blogger filed. Jones was served a Preliminary Injuction, and it is now headed for a June 4th court date. Currently, the blogger is not requesting damages from the court; all the blogger asked for was two things: 1) to be left alone and help the People of California and 2) reasonable attorney fees. If Jones, John Rea, and Victoria Bradshaw are stoopid enough to see this through, then the blogger's attorney fees will surely double, triple, or quadruple...depending upon how much time the blogger's attorney must prepare to win. The blogger may (even) ask for damages, should push come to shove.
You know who eats it if Jones loses? Not Jones, but the taxpayer. If the monetary loss came out of Jones' wallet, then he might think twice. That's the problem with Jones; he doesn't consider his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. Since it's not his money, then his attitude seems to be that he can spend as much as the taxpayer's money as he wants. For people of his ilk there are no consequences, just the taxpayers getting screwed over by someone who should be doing better yet isn't.
At the settlement conference, in Jones' truest character, Jones wanted to know how much it would cost the state for the blogger to resign. Jones didn't want the blogger working and doing good things for the People of California because Jones doesn't give two sh*ts about the People of California; it seems that his job is to bend over when Rea and Bradshaw tell him to bend over. Jones offered the blogger one month of pay for the blogger's resignation. When the blogger refused that offer, Jones was actually stoopid enough to tell the judge that the DLSE will terminate the blogger's employment. So the judge, who felt really bad about such a threatening offer being made during a settlement conference, had to convey the message. The blogger thanked the judge for attempting to resolve this, understood that the judge was merely the messenger, and left the settlement conference. If you give Jones a problem to fix, then he makes it worse; at least a monkey will have random success. Given a chance, Jones will try to jam that square peg into the round hole every time...just because someone passes the State Bar doesn't necessarily mean that they should be a lawyer.
It seems that only two are only investigative results coming from Robert Jones' helm at USS Labor Standards: unprotected employees are hammered, protected employees are unscathed. Right and Wrong & Guilt and Innocence have no place in a Robert Jones investigation. I recently learned that he might have traded the career of Miles Locker for his own promotion to Acting Labor Commissioner. Maybe Jones had help from his boss, the other dysfunctional John Rea (yeah, he's still afraid to go in front of those pesky elected-types to be confirmed as DIR Director, so he caustiously/desperately clings to the title of "Acting Director," also bypassing the senate confirmation process). Maybe his marching orders came from Governator lackey/toady Victoria Bradshaw. Their internal process is not as important as the result; the end result is that Robert Jones fired someone who did good work for the People of California. I hope that the State Peronnel Board see through Robert Jones' bullsh*t and reinstate Miles. What better way to humiliate Robert Jones? What better way to see a man who abused his title and authority sentenced to a daily dose of humiliation and laughter? Once Miles comes back, the message will be clear: never resolve a bully's attempt to intimidate.
As far as Jones' message that was sent to the blogger (take one month's pay & leave or the DLSE will fire you). I don't think he has the grapes to do it; the last thing the DLSE really needs is a First Amendment-Retaliation lawsuit and a wrongful termination lawsuit. It reminds me of a line in a movie, "that pit-bull mouth is gonna get that puppy-dog ass in trouble." That's the thing about issuing ultimatims; you gotta be prepared to launch the nukes if you threaten to launch the nukes. This joke of a Labor Commissioner cannot jump-start the multi-million dollar fiasco CMS into operation, yet this joke of a Labor Commissioner is gonna square off against the US Constitution? Well, the blogger called Jones' bluff. Jones can either follow through on his threat or not. If he doesn't follow through, then we'll know that all of Jones' huffing and puffing are just merely empty threats from an empty suit.


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