Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Current internal DLSE investigations within one office...and DLSE has a whole lot of offices....

1. Civil Rights Office investigation against Deputy Labor Commissioner II Jim Jackson, something about Jim asking about the type of car that Deputy Labor Commissioner II Vicki Tamoush drives.
2. Deputy Labor Commissioner II Jim Jackson's request for an investigation to Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz and No-Senate-Confirmation-Needed Robert Jones regarding unfounded allegations made against him.
3. DLSE's dumbsh*t investigation (and office disruption) into the blogger's indentity...despite the fact that these pretards have known since June, 2006.
4. Deputy Labor Commissioner I Bruce Broadwater's taped confessional, courtesy of Lee Pearson interview & DLSE investigation of blogger, that when Assistant Chief Greg Rupp tried to fire Broadwater almost 10 years ago...he hasn't been promoted since.
5. Recent Deputy Labor Commissioner III examinations results a travesty of the civil service exam process, currently appealed and investigated, but DLSE won't investigate this since they are the ones that broke the rules. They wanted the game to be rigged so they can promote their favorites.
Jones and Alvaraz cannot tie up (even) one loose end; it seems that all they do is reproduce problems. What should be relatively small problems almost always escalate into something bigger. They're not problem solvers, they're not problem fixers, and it looks like they're just problem makers...by making the original problems worse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it seems like the problem that the santa ana office is having is so petty that it should never even go outside of the office much more to a "formal investigation" this type of petty problems should be handled by the senior deputy. again, this proves that the santa ana senior deputy Jorge Gomez is incompetent, ineffective and downright (you fill in the blank). no wonder he can't keep any of his clerical support for a long time.

1/23/2007 7:47 PM  

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