Thursday, December 07, 2006

The DLSE Legal Unit continues to waste taxpayer dollars

A lawyer who keeps filing motions in court without bringing anything new is (pretty much) a time-waster, and in this case, a waster of taxpayer dollars. The argument can be made that a DLSE attorney who practices as such is incompetent, inefficient, and more importantly, a loser (motion not granted). If all Munoz is trying to do is to use the courts as a way to increase the blogger's legal fees, then Munoz might be on the formal end of a state bar complaint...what's it called when someone files frivolous motions?
I'm quite surprised that attorneys Munoz, McGinty, Holton, and Mischel still have enough to tie their shoes, but that's not the point. They will have their day in court on June 4, 2007 when they represent Defendant Lupe Almaraz. In the meanwhile, they seem to be fairly consistent in wasting the taxpayers' money. They could spend their time more constructively by not filing their loser motions.
The latest information from the state of California is that it costs a department approximately $100,000 to file & subsequently settle an Adverse Action. If the Adverse Action continues all the way through the State Personnel Board system, then that cost increases to almost $250,000. These DLSE attorneys could be fulfilling the mission of the DLSE, but instead they are wasting taxpayer time, resources, and money. Like I said before, if this blog had nothing but beautiful things to say about the DLSE, then they'd have no problem with it's an argument about content. Munoz, don't leave the DLSE just yet: Lupe Almaraz will need your talent, expertise, and successful motion filing history to represent him.


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