Wednesday, August 23, 2006

67% that this blog continues FOREVER

Now let me explain:
1 out of 3 = the DLSE terminates me, and then the blog expands into uncharted territory.
1 out of 3 = the DLSE loozes their injunction appeal, and the blog continues.
1 out of 3 = the blog stops/comes down on its own.
Eventually, I will have the necessary time to really devote myself to this thing I call transparent accountability. I'm fairly certain that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Assn. got named by someone REALLY pissing off a guy named Howard Jarvis.
If the DLSE truly doubts my motivation, then Vicky Bradshaw should allow Robert Jones and her other big-brains to continue to play their little reindeer games. If there's a 67% chance of winning blackjack at Vegas, then should I bet large?


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