Sunday, July 02, 2006

In an agency of 200+ mediators, why can't LWDA-DIR managers mediate?

This is the joke, or rather the irony of this agency. The DLSE is directed to mediate disputes arising between employee and employer, but do you think that Victoria Bradshaw gives a rat's ass about her peeps mediating disputes between her side (management) and everyone else? Hello, Livadas? Hello, Miles Locker? Hello, Cuadra? Don't worry, Arnold: she's doing your bidding to the best of her ability.

Because they, Vicky's agency lawyers, appear to have an unlimited amount of funds (taxpayer-paid) to fight, it seems that they go out of their way to spend $400,000 on legal fees when they could have settled for $50,000. And to lose any case after spending a substantial amount of money would be a huge loss of face. If I was in charge of that, then I would want someone's ass in a sling, but then again, I balance my own checkbook. Fight and win or don't fight; but when a person is placed in a position to draft rules that violate law & policy, then (I guess) you have your lawyers argue it to death so it delays the (predicted) end result. Thus, one no longers cares about justice or winning because that's not the goal; the goal is to delay. Nice. Professional. Ethical.

Since it's not their money to fight such legal battles, why should Vicky or any of them worry about a little word like "accountability?" Where's Arnold, making sure that the People's taxes are nowhere-near associated with FRAUD, WASTE, or ABUSE? Can you imagine if Arnold told Vicky, "Look here: if you fight the termination of DLSE attorney Miles Locker and you lose, then you're fired." How seriously would she consider resolving it? Why should the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation resolve their own issues? As a general fund agency, why should they strive to save the taxpayers money? How can DLSE vomit all of Miles Locker with one side of their mouth, and tell their DLSE employees to enforce state labor standards with the other side of their mouth?
Run, Forrest, run!


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