Saturday, July 01, 2006

Victoria Bradshaw; what a prize she is for the People of California

Before she was LWDA-Labor Workforce Development Agency Secretary (the Governor's #1 spot for LWDA), she was the California Labor Commissioner in the 90's.

Back then, she took this case all they way to the US Supreme Court. She lost in a unamimous decision, 9-0. Not one Sumpreme Court Justice agreed with her argument. 9-0. LIVADAS V. BRADSHAW. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

That was her as Labor Commissioner; now she is way, way, way higher in the Public Service Food Chain; she's the Secretary for the Labor Workforce Development Agency. She's the one that brought back her faithful servant Jose Millan. You remember him: the illegal propaganda video. Sometimes the two are interchangeable: Livadas v. Bradshaw, Cuadra v. Millan. Sometimes it's quite confusing as to where one begins and the other ends. Unfortunately for Vicky, Jose Millan had to go bye-bye and leave us.

But I digress. There's a reason why our Governor put Vicky Bradshaw at the top of the LWDA foodchain. When someone has a US Supreme Court decision like that on their resume, it's gotta be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. Knowing her position on unions (Livadas) and her position on statute of limitations (Cuadra), it's easy to understand why the Governor appointed her as LWDA #1. In keeping with her track record of cases won/lost, it's confusing as to why she didn't appeal the illegal propaganda video that was made. I thought she liked taking cases to the Supreme Court, only to lose them. After all, it's not like she's paying for it with her money. Who's money is she using to fight these legal battles?
In several of today's city newspapers, Governor Schwarzenegger says "We were driven by one overwhelming desire: to do what is best for the people of California." Is there any reason why Vicky Bradshaw cannot sing this same song? How was losing Livadas best for the people of California? How was firing Miles Locker best for the people of California? How was bringing back Jose Millan into state service best for the people of California? Vicky, as LWDA Secretary, are there any of your command decisions that have been what's best for the people of California?
There's this old saying, "Fish stink from the head." How true.


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