Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Anthony Mischel, Office of the Director: he lost this one with the Dept. of Personnel Administration

I couldn't fathom as to how much was spent (state time, state resources, etc.) to try and beat this thing, but I'm fairly certain that it also involved DLSE Regional Manager Abigael Calva, DLSE Supervisor Victor Jurado, Jeanne Lee and a few others. Tony Mischel tried so hard to win this one, but it could not be won. Had the DLSE sat down and tried to resolve it, it would not have been necessary for the state's own Dept. of Personnel Administration to make a decision. Typical in DLSE, they push towards a court date. I guess for the DLSE, it's better to fight and lose rather than resolve and settle. This helps the people of California, how?


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