Friday, March 03, 2006

DLSE legal: short bus riders or pulp writers?

Is there anyone that can help Robert Jones and Anthony Mischel with their verbiage and wordiness? Did they miss the class on being concise at law school, or did they ditch that class to go on an eating binge? Why did it take the DLSE Legal SWAT Team 22 pages to justify terminating Miles Locker? One would think that Miles was the head of 30 cartels who broke every law in the land, and Mischel was filing an indictment with the US Attorney. This is the state standard, and the really spooky thing is that Bobby Jones and Tony Mischel looked at 22-page adverse action and probably said to themselves, "yeah, this is our best work ever." Then, they probably went over to Vicky Bradshaw's cubicle and she probably said, "it looks great: get 'er done." The best thing that their adverse action paperwork could be used for is to wrap fish, a lot of fish.


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