Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lawmakers Investigate Labor Attorneys Firing

The DLSE cannot stop cutting their nose to spite their face, but this is what the people of California get when Victoria Bradshaw, John Rea, and Robert Jones sit atop their self-appointed towers:

"State lawmakers will hold a hearing March 15 on the Schwarzenegger administration's firing of a veteran labor enforcement attorney. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement dismissed Miles Locker in February, accusing him of breach of ethics. Locker said he was punished for questioning efforts to rewrite regulations on employee meal breaks. Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) and state Sen. Richard Alarcon (D-Sun Valley) said Locker's supervisors would be asked to explain his firing."-LA Times, 03/02/06

Vicky and John quietly moved Jose Millan out of the way, but they can't move themselves out of the way. Maybe someone can assist the People of California and transfer them to positions where their knowledge, skills, and abilities are best used to make California better, like to the Department of Useless, Vindictive, and Incompetent..


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