Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Disputed Meal Rules Ditched

Last month, an article in the LA Times stated that the Governator's peeps within the Dept. of Industrial Retaliation decided not to go forward with rules making it easier on the employers and harder on the employees. Let's re-cap:
1. Illegal propaganda video/infomercial actually ruled illegal: desk donkeys decided not to appeal ruling.
2. Lunch break rules deemed "Emergency Regulations" by the desk donkeys removed from the table.
3. Last-ditch effort to meet legal deadline to impose new rules expired because desk donkeys failed to submit paperwork to review panel.
Can the desk donkeys pass any legislation/rules successfully? Can the desk donkeys write stuff that isn't such a hotbed of litigation? Can the desk donkeys devise better ideas to better serve Californians than making illegal propaganda videos on behalf of the Governator? And finally, can someone formally evaluate these desk donkeys for their critical judgment skills and how their actions affect the people (not the lobbyists) of California? How are these desk donkeys still collecting a taxpayer-paid paycheck?


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