Friday, February 03, 2006

Labor Standards; yup, we're still a joke.

Marie-Anne Hogarths wrote an article about the DLSE problems concerning Miles Locker. What a waste of taxpayer money! Miles has been on paid leave (taxpayers are paying for it!), and the clowns that are running this train wreck will NEVER be held accountable for their actions against Miles Locker. These clowns, and I use that term loosely, really don't know how to get out the corner they've painted themselves into. Bob Jones and Tony Mischel, two of the DLSE's lawyers, are operating this train. What are they waiting for? DLSE (via Mischel) told Miles' laywer on December 23rd (nice holiday present!) that they were gonna serve him with an adverse action at the end of January, so he might want to resign and save himself. Needless to say, Miles' attorney told those clowns to go pound sand (not those words exactly). What kind of magic fairy dust have those clowns sprinkled on their bosses to justify wasting all of this taxpayer money on their half-ass joke of an investigation. The reason why this investigation is a half-ass joke is because they put Miles on paid leave back in September...five months ago, and they have SQUAT to show for it. But then again, maybe this is why Tony Mischel is in state service and not in private practice. There are many stereotypes befitting state employees; I wish Mischel would stop perpetuating most of them, get his act together, and start serving the public in their best interests', not his own. Same goes for Bob Jones, who is Mischel's boss.
Will someone please do a Public Records Act request to find out how much money has been spent on this and other personnel actions and forward that information to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. and our state-elected officials? Using state funds for a witch-hunt is very alarming. Why should the public pay for political vindictiveness? And where's the accountability? This is how the Governator bridges the rift between employees and employers...he can't clean up his own agency but as long as he talks about mending fences, well, that's just as good as the fairy dust, I guess. This fiasco has been brought to you by the very same state agency that is charged with enforcing Labor and Employment laws in California. Will John Rea, Tony Mischel, Robert Jones, and Victoria Bradshaw please stand up; let's give these 'leaders' a great big round of applause! Bravo! How will they waste taxpayers funds for their encore performance?


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