Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tool Of The Year

This year's award goes to Anthony Mischel, who has systematically disposed of (or tried to) more state employees than anyone else. He tried to get rid of Armida Corral, until he had his professional posterior handed to him at the DPA hearing. Then he tried to get rid of Christopher Lotts, who's already won one of his grievances against the DLSE. Lotts is on his way to having his day in court with this Tool. Finally, he thinks he got rid of Miles Locker just because he served him with termination papers.
For someone who is morbidly obese and smokes more cigs than Susan Nakagama, I don't think he quite understands or comprehends that actions have consequences (yeah, he's real smart for lawyer). Miles did not hire one of the smartest labor attorneys just to be driven out by this Tool.
The state is in incredible slow process because of numerous reasons that don't bode so well in the private sector. It will take time before Miles and Chris have their day in court. It took Armida almost a year, but the judge finally dismissed Mischel and his legal accusation against her, and that was a hard one. Typically, DPA decisions mostly favor management because that is how the game is played.


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