Thursday, February 04, 2010

Danny Dumbar, hired by Santa Ana DLSE mgr Jorge Gomez, perfects the "touch desk & leave" policy on behalf of California taxpayers!

Danny Dumbar is out of sick leave and he needs his taxpayer-paid money. He finally figured out a way to keep his paycheck and to not do anything. He touches his desk and then he leaves. Of course, he literally doesn't "touch" his desk then leaves, but what he does is he generally arrives at 10am and leaves at about 2pm - probably takes his lunch, too! Hearing Officers are exempt from overtime, so as long as he shows up to work, then he really ain't gotta do any work.
Since Regional Manager Abigael Calva is scared sh*tless of having her Hearing Officers record their time on any daily logs, there's no "evidence" of how Dumbar spends his time. Literally, he should either be holding hearings or writing the hearing decisions; everything else Dumbar does is minutia, like scheduling and counter duty.
Jorge Gomez, Santa Ana's long-time, wage claim supervisory idiot, hired Danny Dumbar back when Danny was just a low-level moron in Long Beach. Apparently, Jorge found someone dumber than him. In California state employment this is important because a moron like Danny Dumbar makes Jorge Gomez look smart, and this is very important in state service because it's not about helping the taxpayers, it's about career self-preservation and special interests. Don't forget that it was Jorge Gomez that bent over, literally, in trying to help his boss Lupe Almaraz in violating my rights in which a superior court told Lupe Almaraz that what he did was illegal, but I digress.
Danny Dumbar had 35 "decisions" to write up, meaning that Danny held the 35 hearings but didn't formally write up the decisions, so instead of Jorge Gomez doing Danny Dumbar's work, Jorge Gomez told his two other hearing officers to do Danny Dumbar's job by writing the decisions on behalf of Dumbar. Jorge Gomez's immediate boss, Abigael Calva, is all pissed off about it, but she's trying to keep it hush-hush and away from upper management's attention.
Well, I'm sure that Rick Rice, Dean Fryer, Tony Mischel, Steve "Powder" McSquinty, or whoever else commits Fraud, Waste, and Abuse by using state time, i.e., taxpayer money, to monitor this blog will tell them to hurry up and cover their tracks so no one else starts poking their nose where it don't belong.
Abby Calva wants the Santa Ana DLSE settlement conference deputies to have a "cattle call" conferences in March, 2010 and then she wants the Santa Ana Hearing Officers to have their "cattle call" hearings in April, 2010. She's so desparate that she's resorting to giving up complete control to Jorge Gomez, only to have Jorge Gomez not get the job done! Go Jorge!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a state wide hiring freeze?? How was Jorge Gomez able to hire anyone??? Is DLSE exempt?

2/05/2010 5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dean Fryer posting junk here to bore us. Keep up the fight shows how much DIRt has to hide.

2/07/2010 6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2/07/2010 10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that why you didn't hire me, Jorge, after I responded with a righteous interview? Brownie beaner cholo Gomez I do believe the blog above has credibility and merit. Hey brownie, fuck yourself and eat shit. You inferior piece of crap.

2/10/2010 10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone review Mexican family registries? Does lineages converge? Ancestors originated in the same village. Origination, relations, and/or religion apparently are too powerful to overcome for some. There is a small patch of well kept picket fenced houses on 4th Street "el Hoyito" where multiple generation of families have co-existed. LAPD detective (cop from the neighborhood)calls them "gangs". That way of life is what DIR in the southern district is struggling with. Discover, expose then ask the three branches of government to come together to take corrective action, whenever necessary. Starting with results of CL's civil lawsuit.

2/13/2010 10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much money has been spent to defeat the blogger...... maybe some of the funds should be used to check other state departments and their employee abuse of time... i.e. time=money......
Certain DGS employee who is a supervisor (Andre shall remain nameless) has spent countless hours in the past carrying on an affair with a woman in his Santa Ana building. 100's of emails back and forth using state email account and state paid time as well as meeting in stair wells to carry on sorrid affair during all different times of the day. Was caught by his wife, had to end that but now spends work time checking his facebook account and planning meetings with his "men's group" trying to become a new and changed man. Talk about a huge waste in the tax payers money..... maybe the state bloodhounds should leave the blogger alone and start checking other departments to find the fraud, waste and abuse!!!

3/11/2010 11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fyi current governor and labor commissioner, DIR processes to paydirt fraudulent wage claims by illegal aliens against legitimate asian and white businesses in California; mexican staffs outnumber all other groups. DIR management and ofc. techs comprise virtually entire offices in so. Cal. Yeah, they're helping their friends and relatives rob other communities under color of authority. Fix ? Eliminate welfare for legal / illegal alien populations. Let them go back to where ever they came from and gangster offspring with them. Enact state immigration regs. to enforce in constitutionally acceptable manner. It's the money; when entitlements are cutoff then the rest of us will have reasonable representation in public policies. It's not race but how this state has been trashed into an exclusive mexican enclave that serves no other community.

4/27/2010 2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CL; what's your lawsuit status?

5/30/2010 9:20 PM  

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