Friday, March 30, 2007

People who work (worked) at CA Dept. of Corrections have their own blog

Blogs are everywhere; the horse has left the barn, you can't un-ring a bell, etc. People want their information fast; sometime blogs are updated dozens of times a day.Those who work for the CA Dept. of Corrections have their own blog, and it's quite an interesting read. It's also a great way to consolidate information that wants to be shared.
From what I can gather, the CDC bosses appear to read it, but they're not taking action to bring that blog down, which is in stark contrast to the bosses at DLSE. The DLSE Chief Desk Donkey Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones insists upon not doing the job he's paid to do, so he digresses from the true mission of the DLSE so that he can try and terminate the blogger's employment. DIR staff attorney Richard Munoz as well as DLSE Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz are also conspiring to not further the mission of the DLSE by attempting to make progress on this blogger witch-hunt.
It seems that they could give a sh*t about CMS costs, they could give a sh*t about improper civil service exams, they could give a sh*t about compiling much-needed standard operating procedures, they could give a sh*t about safety barriers for their employees, and they could give a sh*t about the taxpayers because taxpayers are not making the DIR/DLSE promotion decisions. Political appointees promote the upper-end desk jockeys, and those desk jockeys promote the middle managers. The Noobs at DLSE only care about serving their interests-not the People's; otherwise, sh*t like CMS would not exist, acting Labor Commissioners would not be fearful of the senate confirmation process, and offices like Santa Ana would have safety glass without bitching about it first...but the Noobs only know how to react (no initiative in Noob-ville).


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