Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LA-DLSE supervisor Diana Chen crucifies all of her subordinates on her performance evaluations of them except Frank Capetillo: coincidence or not?

If Diana Chen hasn't passed her supervisor probation yet, then Regional Manager Susan Nakagama and Assistant Chief Greg Rupp should be happy that once again, the DLSE employees working under Diana Chen are distressed, downtrodden, and demoralized. In a normal world, this would trigger questions by the higher-ups. In the DLSE world, this is cause for celebration and the passing of one's probationary status.
If Lupe couldn't take appropriate action on those that were alleged to have retaliated against Ms. Lowpezz (not real name, but Lupe gets it), then he sure as heck ain't gonna lift a finger to inquire about the operational efficiency and morale stemming from Diana Chen's unit; ferchrist, the DLSE has mandated that Regional Managers must review and approve all performance evaluations before being issued to each employee [read blog entry about Acting Labor Commissioner Robert Jones performance evaluation mandate], so this office-morale nightmare [ultimately] rests with Susan Nakagama. Diana Chen designed it, and Susan Nakagama approved it. The real trouble it that the public will be interacting with pissed-off state employees who feel that they were given the shaft by both their bosses: once by Diana Chen, and a second time by Susan Nakagama when she approved the evaluations. Great job: way to go on making sure that your staff is operating at its fullest potential and providing the best service to the public.
One can bet that (whatever) deficiencies Diana Chen listed in the evaluations that the evaluations didn't have adequate documentation in the employee's personnel file to warrant such accusational shortcomings. Does Diana have the power to promote Frank the way that Roger promoted Susan?


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