Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Diana Chen's probationary status in jeopardy? NO WAY! She's a yes-woman to Susan Nakagama & Greg Rupp!

Listen up, for all of you who think that Diana Chen will not pass probation, you are WRONG! She does everything she's told, she doesn't ask questions, she has excellent engineering skills, and she's managed to upset almost everyone she supervises. If Greg & Susan ever set up an Office Olympics, then Diana Chen would win their Gold Medal.
Greg & Susan only promote "lackeys" or "toadies," meaning that they need someone who will always feed their egos and someone who will NEVER act to the contrary. They also promote people who will never "outshine" them, as their fragile and fraile little egos could not withstand a smart and talented underling. In other state departments, managers go in the opposite direction; they brag and boast of their superstars, taking the credit for identifying & grooming them. At DLSE the talent is squashed and eventually leaves on its own: there is no talent, and there are no superstars...they all get a whiff of this place and bail, and that's what Greg & Susan want them to do. This way, the power structure stays in place; the threat has been eliminated.
Unfortunately, this is neither what the public wants, nor what the public deserves. Here's a real simple test to justify Diana Chen's permanent status as a supervisor:
1) whatever became of her hiring of a non-Spanish speaker at the Santa Ana office?
2) how many complaints has she filed since becoming a supervisor?
3) has Susan Nakagama's performance evaluations of Diana Chen highlighted any concerns?
4) has DLSE productivity increased or decreased during Diana Chen's supervisory status?
5) does she mainly create problems or solve problems for the DLSE? Is this documented?
6) how much evidence (good or bad) does she have in her subordinates' personnel "drop" files that support those performance evaluations that bear her signature?


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