Friday, December 01, 2006

DLSE Assistant Chief Nance Steffen to throw TAXPAYER-PAID Christmas party to CMS staff on December 13th?

Nance Steffen sends an email (needing CMS feedback) for her meeting scheduled on December 13th, and this must be done face-to-face!. They are to book their flights and fly up to her and provide this feedback to her.
Apparently, feedback cannot be expressed in an email or a phone call. In addition to having phones and email, the DLSE also bought these video-teleconference machines for their offices, but Nance doesn't want to use those either. She needs her helpers in front of her; they need to spend taxpayer money on per diem, they need to spend taxpayer money on airline fees, they need to spend taxpayer money on cabs and rental cars, and they need to provide this feedback directly to Nance's face. It's all about her. Nance. Nance. Nance. But she's not footing the bill; John Q. Taxpayer will eat this.
Here's the feedback so far: CMS is crap. It wasn't originally designed for the DLSE's needs. CMS is extremely hard to use. CMS is not user-friendly. CMS is not public-service friendly. In summary, CMS sux. Try not to spend $100,000+ of the taxpayer's money by flying all of your cheerleaders to your Christmas party. I understand that it's hard to throw a Christmas party via email or video-teleconference. Don't worry: in your mind, everyone still thinks you're great. Are wanna-be Labor Commissioner Robert Jones and Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz gonna show their CMS prowess at your party.....whoops, I mean "feedback meeting?"
Go ahead with your X-mas party, and maybe you'll get your Christmas wish that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. will do a Public Records Act and find out who completed TECs (Travel & Expense Claims) for your little jaunt, and at what cost to the taxpayer.
FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE can be directly reported to the following office (DLSE has demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to properly investigate one of their own):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We the tax-payers are paying for these bone-heads and parasites that suck up public funds and fly at taxpayer expense to attend parties paid for by consultants.

12/05/2006 9:29 PM  

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