Thursday, November 23, 2006

The DLSE does it again! B R A V O !!!

I don't know if it was Acting Director John Rea, Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz, Assistant Chief Nance Steffen, or maybe it was all three of them; someone spun The Excuse Wheel, and it landed on "DELAY."
The CMS fiasco is now officially delayed; the brunt of CMS will not be available until January 16th. This doesn't excuse John Rea, Lupe Almaraz, or Victoria Bradshaw from learning CMS. If these big-brains cannot figure out how to process a DLSE Form 1 (Wage Claim with multiple complex isues) into CMS, then how can they expect the little-brains to successfully navigate it? LABOR STANDARDS HAS NO LABOR STANDARDS.
RULE #1. Just like Babe Ruth, never point to the outfield unless you can deliver a home-run; the DLSE executives provide a concrete date of December 4th and they don't deliver. The executive-management excuses will continue, the sub-standard service to the public will continue, the retaliation will continue, and the incompetence will continue to infect this place the public calls DLSE.


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