Friday, November 17, 2006

CMS: the division's new tool to screw the public.

There is a tidal wave coming, and it is gathering force. It will show up (briefly) on the public's radar on December 4th, disappear for a couple months, and then it will reappear too big and too fast. The public will be unable to fight it, as management will stubbornly stand firm in its resolve to shove this CMS down everyone's throats...the public be damned.

The real sphincter tightener is that Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz thought it was a great idea to only give fifteen hours (7.5 hours/day) of DLSE personnel training concerning a software program costing millions of dollars. Ferchrist, DLSE personnel need fifteen hours of training on Microsoft Word, and that software only costs $150. This only goes to show how competent he is to lead as a DLSE Deputy Chief. These pretards don't have all of the necessary documentation to conduct a complete training session, but they "swear" it will be ready on December 4th. These pretards failed to conduct a live test of CMS with a smaller office (so the pretards could work out the bugs), so every office will go "live" on December 4th. The DLSE is taking the current system (some old-ass version of File Maker Pro) off-line on November 30th.

I'd like to see Deputy Chief Lupe Almaraz succesfully process a DLSE Form-1 Wage Claim, including multiple complex issues like commissions & overtime on the new CMS format (he can't receive any "assistance" and must rely solely upon his training). I'd also like to know how many hours of training he had before he began this processing. My guess? Several hours+plus to process this example. Just for sh*ts and giggles, I'd (then) like to see Nance Steffen, Greg Rupp, Abigael Calva, Susan Nakagama and Lauro Cons tackle this same challenge. Nance might be able to do it in less than a day because Lupe needed to put her in a place where her best skills would be used. Whoever failed could start with something simpler, like an Entertainment Work Permit; that should only take a few hours out of their day.

Can any DLSE staff imagine someone like Susan Nakagama trying to train DLSE staff on this CMS nightmare? You remember what happened the last time the DLSE called upon her to assist in holding hearings at that cattle call a couple years ago? She couldn't (even) decide a wage claim hearing, must less write a decision.


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