Saturday, July 08, 2006

WANTED: newspaper reporter for July 12th in Los Angeles

Would you like to report about a state agency and its possible trampling of the 1st Ammendment?
Have you ever wondered about the DLSE (potential) disciplinary process?
Would you like to see the DLSE explain why they want the personal/private diaries of one of their employees?
Did you know that the DLSE ordered this employee to ONLY redact financial and medical information in these personal diaries?
This meeting is set for July 12th and 13th in Los Angeles; 320 West 4th Street-5th Floor #5B. While this employee has been ordered to keep the contents of the investigation confidential, there has been no such requirement on the memo informing the employee of this Investigative Meeting set for July 12th & 13th.
The DLSE has intentionally kept this July 12th date, knowing that the employee's lawyer has a same-time court appearance and cannot attend this investigative meeting. Rather than extend the professional courtesies among attorneys in re-scheduling, the DLSE intends to hold this meeting without employee's counsel present (sound like a Due Process violation?).
Sound like a witch-hunt? This is not a Defcon 4 situation; the DLSE wants access to private diaries AND wants the meeting held without the employee's lawyer. I'm sure any investigative journalist would love to hear the DLSE explain why this could not have been re-scheduled and why the DLSE is demanding access to private diaries with only medical and financial information redacted.


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