Thursday, July 06, 2006

DLSE should not be abusive in its power

State government, specifically the DLSE, shouldn't be about putting Miles Locker on paid administrative leave so they can drum up a case against him and subsequently terminate him. How chickensh*t is that? Boy, do I hope that Miles Locker will bring this huge billboard of a timeline chart where he can show the times & dates of who did what to whom. I hope he's able to establish, in his upcoming State Personnel Board appeal, what a vindictive joke this agency is.
When I say joke, I mean that the DLSE should be spending their time, resources and personnel on serving the People of California instead of wasting such time, resources, and personnel on ex-communicating employees they dislike. That, more than anything, sounds like a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse complaint that might ultimately be filed with the Bureau of State Audits. The DLSE is not a playground for vendettas. In their typical pattern of delay, delay, delay, the DLSE has already lost employees Donna Dell and Jose Millan, two figures potentially critical to Mr. Lockers' appeal. I wonder how many other DLSE staff will be gone by the time the dust settles?
What's typical in this agency is that timeliness is a foreign word to DLSE leaders unless it suits them. If it doesn't suit their interest, then they give new meaning to the phrase "foot-dragging," and then they leave the problem(s) for someone else to fix.


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