Friday, January 23, 2009

DLSE personnel changes, some good, some bad

When Lauro Cons retired, it was a great day for the California public. His public service career consisted of sucking up to Susan Nakagama and Greg Rupp. When Greg Rupp retired, he knew that he was so hated by DLSE staff that he went out with a whimpering cry & demanded that there be no retirement dinner for him. With these retirements, gaps were created. Victor Jurado became a DLC IV for BOFE: who would have thunk it? Nance Steffen tried to break it off in his ass when she banished him to NorCal for several years, even though she knew that Victor had to care for his mother down in So Cal.
Once Victor begged for mercy was he allowed to return to So Cal, and now that Nance Steffen was pushed out of the way (sent to Public Works after her cheerleading for that CMS abortion), Victor actually got promoted! Rumor has it that when he was in Long Beach, the first hour of Victor's working day was spent with the Los Angeles Times in the men's bathroom stall. It's not that he wasn't there, you just had to know where to find him, but I digress.
So DLSE pushed Nance Steffen into Public Works, and they pushed Susan Nakagama into Public Works after she retaliated against an employee who filed a workers comp. claim, but you'll see no real evidence of that because DLSE doesn't believe in transparency, just innuendo and "no correlation." With Lauro Cons retiring, some other idiot had to replace him, and who was the perfect idiot bureaucrat? Diana Chen! While she was a supervisor at BOFE, she had a record number of subordinates requesting transfers, so things weren't working out at BOFE.
Henry Huerta was producing the stats needed for his group and Tongkun Kim was producing the stats for his group: why break what isn't broken? Diana Chen had to go, because Susan knows nothing about field audits, field enforcement, and she is deathly afraid of public speaking, so someone gotta dig the ditch, and it's Diana Chen. The bonus is that in a republican-controlled administration, there are about ZERO public debarrments, so it's not like these 3 stooges are doing anything except collecting a paycheck. A great start to the new year with Diana Chen & Susan Nakagama paired up as the moron twins. Thanks for making California a better place by staying out of the way!

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