Monday, December 22, 2008

will Jorge Gomez ever clean his desks? Spending time on post-it notes doesn't make him ready for a DLC IV promotion

You should see all the crap that he has on his desks. Gomez is in a state of forever payback, meaning that if a subordinate hits him in the ass with some screw-up of his, then he will spend the rest of his time poring thru your stuf until he finds a mistake. Hence, the peppering of post-it notes on certain employee case files in Santa Ana.
A week ago, hearing officer Jackson overbooked his flight and had too many hearings in the morning, so he asked the new hearing officer DumbBar to hold one of Jackson's hearings. DumbBar said no problem. Not only did DumbBar not hold the hearing, but he lied to Jackson about the parties not being served so he couldn't hold the hearing. The Defendant was a catering company who was already delayed once already, so they were really pissed off. Jackson goes to DumbBar, who tells him that Lee (the clerk) has the file, but she says that Jorge has it. Jorge Gomez, in his supervisory half-lie/other-half-bullshit speak, tells Jackson that DumbBar couldn't hold the hearing and refused to tell Jackson why. The only thing Gomez told him was that there was a very good reason not to hold the hearing. DumbBar is a spittin' image of Vicky Tamoush! Jorge hired exactly who he wanted: an ass-kissing moron.
Total bullshit. Why was this reason so secretive? What was so good to delay justice? Were these very good reasons in the 900 Notes? Was DumbBar's, Lee's, and Gomez's actions covered in the 900 Notes? Gomez is excellent in jerking off those he doesn't respect, like his staff. Gomez also thinks he's great at sucking up to his bosses, but his bosses know how much of a moron he is, which is one of the very many reasons why the blogger cannot wait to have him deposed and under oath.

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