Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Greg Rupp still looking to get rid of Lotts, more taxpayer funds wasted to fly Bob Brock (from San Francisco) to LA

Greg Rupp loves to play daddy at DLSE. Back in the day, Diana Chen whined about this guy named Myke (not real name), so they bounced Myke to Van Nuys. Then, Lazell (not real name) said that he was looking at porn on his computer, so they bounced Myke to Long Beach. To my knowledge, Myke never complained and he never asked what was going on. Daddy Rupp had a job to do, and that was to play daddy. Daddy Rupp made a similar play with Harmida's (not real name) career who is (probably) still laughing at Rupp; how's Harmida doing, Rupp? How's that working for you?.
For the first time in DLSE history, Rupp is now investigating a complaint is less time that it took to file. Never mind the fact that the complainant has a criminal record (drugs/booze who knows), never mind the fact that the complainant has a history of filing lawsuits, and never mind the fact that the complainant requested a new hearing (that the DLSE refused to give her)..."the complaint against Lotts must be true, and hell's bells, we won't even interview the lawyers that participated in the complainant's conference." Bob Brock, from San Francisco-HQ Personnel, flies down to participate. Something that could have been resolved at 1st-level supervisor/Jorge Gomez's level is now being dispatched from DIR, OD-Legal.
In a normal complaint investigation, supervisor Jorge Gomez does the investigation & sends his findings up the chain. In a Lotts complaint investigation, OD Legal takes charge and makes every attempt to sustain the charges against Lotts. I guess that the allegation involved something serious, but nothing so serious as to give the complainant a new hearing.
Previously, DLSE supervisor Jorge Gomez received a complaint that one of his employees beat up a member of the public. Now in my world, that's a fairly serious allegation. Even that didn't warrant OD-Legal's attention because they didn't complain about Lotts. Rupp never interviewed that DLSE employee, and Bob Brock certainly never flew his ass down to LA to ask some employee as to whether or not the employee beat up the one making the allegation. You can bet your ass though, if Lotts accidentally sneezed in the guy's direction...Anthony Mischel's & Greg Rup's fat asses would be moving at light speed at hang anything on Lotts.
Daddy Rupp harassed Ed Voveris until he left, but somehow Daddy Rupp doesn't have to grapes to take on David Dorame. David's got too much juice at the command level, so Daddy Rupp leaves Dave well enough alone. Daddy Rupp harassed Rowene, but she sued his ass & the DLSE had to pay. As in the case with any bully, the weak are harassed...not the strong.


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How did you manage to get the photo of Rupp digging inside the trash can?

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