Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A reporter for the SF Chronicle recently did a story on people employed by the DLSE.
You can view
Christian Berthelsen's article here:
Records of effort to weaken workers' right to meal breaks reveal influence of business

If you're slapped with a $10,000,000 labor lawsuit and you want to make it go away, then Jose Millan is definitely your go-to state employee. Don't worry if he's unavailable, because the state's labor agency has a B-Team: Labor Commissioner Donna Dell and and labor agency teammate Michael Prosio (former retaurant assn. lobbyist). John Kabateck, former chief lobbyist for the California Restaurant Association, now works for the Governator's office at $90,000/year. What's really fascinating is the state's penchant with hiring former restaurant lobbyists.

PAY TO PLAY. State employee Jehan Flagg incinuates that lobbyists' influence and proposed LWDA policy development are mutually exclusive. Try to say that without laughing out loud. Sharing is good, as if the DLSE would want to share a proposed policy of changing the state's minimum wage to $2/hour with only day laborers and busboys. Funny thing, though: this "sharing" appears to be only 1-sided...sharing proposed policy development with the side that has all the money. It seems that resturant assn.'s $21,000 donated to the Governator was well spent. What governmental policy changes can I buy for $22,000? Jose, where are you?

NEVER MAKE JOSE MILLAN MAD OR YOU'LL BE SORRY. Miles Locker is an attorney for the agency charged with enforcing California's labor laws. His job is to protect the workers of California from the abuses that employers impose. In DLSE's tradition of crapping on their own employees, Jose et al made a very public display of their intimidation with how he was removed from active duty and placed on administrative leave. The real message was to the other attorneys: do what we tell you or this can happen to you. If Jose Millan can manage in this capacity without so much as receiving a time-out by his boss, then don't concern yourself with frivolous phrases such as 'conflict of interest' or 'duty of care.'


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