Monday, March 21, 2005

Peace officers shouldn't use state vehicles for child transport. MdlR arrives at 1015 HRS, says something to AK about dropping off her kids (possibly in her state-issued vehicle?). If this DLSE employee isn't using her state-issued vehicle for transporting her kids on a workday, then the only possible explanation is that she uses her own car from the house to the drop-off, then drives back to the house to pick up her state-issued vehicle, then she commutes to work. Assuming that was actually happening [yeah, right], then how is this peace officer accounting for her time on the state's Daily Activity Report? You can't tell me that the puppet-heads don't know, especially after the Regional Manager reviewed the original Daily Activity Reports that were personally mailed to her back in December of 2004 [see 12/08/04 blog].


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